Personalized Private Coaching

Regardless of age or experience, we all work better with a well devised plan. When following a plan, we procrastinate less; our mood is enhanced; we feel more in control; and our productivity improves.

My job as your coach is to provide you with such a plan. For some, a training regimen may be designed to purely improve your fitness, while for others it may focus on a program to produce new PRs. Regardless of your needs, I will work individually with you to accomplish your goals.

Together we can create a plan that takes into consideration your daily time constraints, including work schedules and family commitments. I want running to fit into your current life in a comfortable, enjoyable, and fulfilling fashion.

What will you get from me?

Energy, Enthusiasm and Motivation!

I look forward to providing you with the confidence you need to achieve your running goals!

Personal Specialties: High School/Collegiate level

-Running mechanics, Form Drills, Speed, Functional Strength, Plyos, Balance, Stabilization & Flexibility


Initial Consult: Free

Email Training Program: $30/week

In-Person Coaching: $50/session (usually 75min)

Combination Training: Email & In-Person: $75/week

*All rates include unlimited phone and email correspondence
*Preferred Training Grounds: Wyomissing Track / Wyomissing Highlands Park System

 “Yes, training is difficult.  But the feeling of accomplishment you get afterwards is unlike any other feeling.”

Alex Watson


Store: 610.320.9097

Personal Cell: 484-332-5491