Custom Shoe Fitting

The Fitting Process in Greater Detail

The fitting process at A Running Start is designed to ensure each customer finds the best fitting shoe within the correct footwear category. It consists of the following steps:

1. Intended Function

Different shoes are designed specifically for intended functions. The type of activity in which one is participating plays a vital role in proper shoe selection: racing, recreational running, walking, cross training, and cross-fit are just a few categories of emphasis. Likewise, the surface, whether it’s a trail, grass, track, treadmill or road, can also influence footwear selection.

2. Biomechanics

Our staff consists of experienced runners and coaches. Various assessment techniques learned from different resources have allowed us to implement our own unique visual analysis. Our main areas of focus consist of: pronation, stability, and alignment. Footwear at A Running Start is classified as Trail, Neutral, Stability, Motion Control, and Natural. Understanding the needs of the customer compiled with our custom assessment allows for a sound recommendation. Tips and suggestions on the avoidance of overuse/repetition injuries will also be addressed when talking biomechanics.

3. Injury History/Structural Issues

Past injuries affect overall structure and alignment ultimately tampering with efficiency. Chronic injuries can be throwing other areas of the body out of whack leading to compensation and uneven wear/tear. Other structural issues like bunions, neuromas, callouses, black toenails, hammer toes, etc have a place in our store! While we are not doctors, any background information will allow us to further assist in recommending the appropriate shoe.

4. Fit, Feel & Ride

Once we have our full visual assessment and thorough background history, specific shoe brands and models will be recommended to try on. Consideration should be given to fit (length, width, volume), feel (cushioned, supportive, weight), and ride (responsiveness, flexibility). As an important final aspect of our selection process, shoes are encouraged to be tested out while at the store whether that be walking, running, squating, lunging, plyo-metric based. etc…whatever the intended function will be. With the help of customer feedback after trying each shoe, it is our goal to instill confidence that the the best shoe has been chosen.