Love my addaday roller! I have been using it daily, 5 minutes a day, and I think it may have solved my latest hip pain problems (aka piriformis syndrome aka trochanteric bursitis aka “we really have no idea how to cure it but at least we have fancy names for why your hip hurts”)! Thanks, ARS and especially Sorita Averill Fitzgerald for an awesome recommendation. I might be back to running…(crossing fingers)..

Lynneth Lohse

My wife was fitted for a new pair of shoes at your store by one of your foot specialists during  Arts on the Avenue.  After several walks, she couldn’t stop raving about how her feet hadn’t felt this good in years.  She suggested I go there, since I was having a problem with plantar fasciitis following a total knee replacement.  At your store, I was greeted by Genevieve who asked me what my needs were and analyzed  my gait.  It also helped that she had had plantar fasciitis and knew first hand what I was dealing with.  She  brought several different styles and makes of shoes for me to try.  All of which felt great on my sore heel.  I chose the Hoka One One, in a jazzy citrus color, and I have no regrets. The longer I walk in them the better my feet feel.  In fact, I liked them so much I came back and got another pair, same color, to wear for work so my feet would feel good all day.  Thanks for all your knowledgeable help in making my feet happy once again!

Wayne Hawk

To the entire Running Start staff,

I just want to send you a personal thank you for your help when I came to your store looking for a new pair of running shoes. I arrived at your location having heard great things from my fellow employees at the Reading Hospital and was in desparite need to find the right shoe for me after I suffered a stress fracture due to the wear-and-tear placed on my legs from years of running with shoes I have seen in commercials and thought would be a great fit for me. Even though I am not completely back to running 8-10 miles a day, I am slowly working up to it and I am currently at about 2 miles a day and increasing every 1-2 weeks which makes me feel more comfortable about doing my PT run for my military requirements. Thanks to your staff I have had no pain in my leg since wearing the Saucony’s you recommended. I have been spreading the word about your store and your staff and I can guarentee you will see me again in the future when I need aother new pair of running shoes.

Thank you again for your help,

SSgt Matthew Nettles, USAF

My husband and I went into A Running Start shortly after we started running not knowing anything about how to find the correct running shoes for us. We entered the store and were immediately greeted by Dee and Joel who talked to us about what kind of running we do and explained to us what shoe would be best for each of us and why. We were very happy with our shoes they recommended and when we went back to purchase additional running equipment Joel asked how our shoes were working for us. Needless-to-say we’ve been going back since and everyone is always very friendly. A Running Start has anything we need when it comes to running.

Dana and Kathy Seitzinger

A Running Start is, in my opinion, THE best running specialty store out there. When I decided to really focus on running, I realized I needed a better shoe but was overwhelmed by the different brands and types. I decided to try A Running Start, and was pleasantly surprised. All of the staff members are very knowledgable on the vast selection of shoes. They ask questions about your running, and even suggest you take a trial run outside. It is very obvious that they are all avid runners themselves, which makes their recommendations that much more valuable. They take the guess work out of purchasing shoes and anything else running related. I love being able to go to one place to get my shoes, clothes, gels and other accessories. If I need or want it, they have it! Knowing that they only carry quality items makes every purchase a no brainer. I don’t even consider shopping anywhere else or online anymore. Customer satisfaction is obviously their priority, and that makes them number one in my book!

Christina Schmehl

A store that not only makes you feel welcome but important…

The friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff at A Running Start have taken care of all my running needs over the past year. They made sure my new running shoes were custom fit to not only my feet but my running style, amount of training and races. This type of service has me recommending this store and staff to all my friends. Even after the sale is complete, their support continues through local races and answering all my questions about new products. This is the only running store for me.

Eric Koehler

Almost 3 years ago, after working my way back into respectable shape, I decided to get back into running at a more competitive level. After reading up on the advancement in running technologies (and realizing my lack of that knowledge) I decided to hit my local running store on the advice of a coworker. A few days later I went to A Running Start (ARS) in West Reading and from there I was hooked. What I found at ARS was a friendly, knowledgeable staff who shared a true affinity with myself for running. Their knowledge, service and love for running is something that you won’t find in employees at one of those”Big Box Stores” and that is to be commended. You’ll surely run into employees while you’re participating in the local races, finding that they are as skilled as runners as they are knowledgeable in their field. This only helps to validate ARS and its staff. The work that they do in the running community as well in the local community makes ARS a local business that I will to continue to support until the day I can run no more. Hopefully that day never comes!

Mark Bausher

As a college track and field athlete, I had always been a sprinter/jumper and never ran more than two miles at one time. I recently decided to run longer distances and attempt my first half marathon, but I encountered shin splints and a foot injury that made running very painful. I was at a spin class at my gym when I met Sorita Averill-Fitzgerald, the owner of A Running Start, and she encouraged me to stop by the shop and have her staff recommend some new running shoes for me. I hated to admit that I was completely clueless about distance running and appropriate attire.

Joel and Chris were there the day I visited A Running Start for my custom fitting. They spent a lot of time with me, and were both very knowledgeable and answered the many questions I had. They made several recommendations, and I ended up buying a pair of sneakers that were exactly what I needed. I was able to train for my race without even a hint of shin splints or foot pain. I had just been wearing the wrong shoes before.

I’ve been back to the store many times since then, and I always appreciate the staff members’ smiles and exceptional customer service. They really know their products and have never steered me wrong. It’s true that there are many other options out there, but none that know and care about their customers like A Running Start.

Amanda Schaeffer

Thank you for the awesome first time in your store. The staff was incredible and
helped me find the perfect shoe fast and easy. Ran the following day 12 miles and felt
better then ever. I came back the next week and picked up a water belt, some of your
Yurbuds, and a pair of socks to prepare for house on hands half…loved all of the
equipment I purchased. Your staff has made training affordable, and your shops times
accommodate to everyone’s schedules, and easy location for last min items!! Thank you
for being my local running store!!

Jacob Lopez

I have been purchasing running shoes, clothes and accessories at A Running Start for the last several years. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and always able to help me find what I need for my entire family. Everyone who works there is a runner and knows how to fit shoes properly and keep customers happy!

Suzette Leskowicz

Thanks to the team at A Running Start I not only do I have a great pair of running shoes, but I’ve gained a lot of support. They have helped me find the perfect match of running shoe for my “flat feet,” which has always given me trouble in finding the right shoe match for my foot type. Also, they helped set me up with other athletic apparel that has significantly helped me be more comfortable while staying active! When shopping, I love being treated as a friend and not just another customer. A Running Start is a great asset to the athletic community in Berks Country!

Meaghan Sturtevant

I appreciate the folks at A Running Start for so many reasons. When I first began running in my mid-40′s I was easily intimidated by those who were “Real Runners”. At A Running Start they not only fitted me with just the right shoes, but they took every one of my questions seriously, offered classes to help me improve my running, provided a group with whom I now run every Saturday morning, and always treated me with respect and dignity. Now, almost three years later, with their encouragement and help, I am a Real Runner.

Barbaranne Kelly

Almost 2 months ago I came into your store after being unsatisfied by 3 competitors. I only scratched the surface of the ins and outs of running shoes with my online research. The 2 girls working there were incredibly helpful and informative. All I said was I was interested in Brooks, or willing to try on anything they suggested. They assessed my feet, then brought out 2 pairs for me to try. I walked out with a pair of Brooks Glycerin’s. I still love them. I never have to think or worry about my feet when I run. Thank you!

Shawn Yuhasz

At 51, I was a little scared to start running.

I attended a program on women and running with my daughter at the Crowne Plaza. I met some of your staff who suggested I come by the store. They fitted me with a great pair of Brooks shoes and finally a perfect sports bra. I had spent hundreds of dollars trying to get a bra that supported my larger assets, but looked good.

The women’s program offered many great tips and support. It took the fear out of running in middle age.

I ran in my first race yesterday at the Reading Hospital. I tried the 1 mile fun run. Ran 1 mile in 9.45. My run was comfortable and relaxed in part due to your staff and great products.

I am looking forward to a 5K (one mile was not enough) soon!

Please continue to support women in running. You are never too old to start if you have the right equipment, training and support.

Roseann Mucci