Thursday Night Track Club!!

Thursday night track workouts run from the beginning of April (April 14th, 2017) through the end of September.  The track workouts will be led by store staff.  On occasion, there will be a hill workout thrown into the mix to add some variety and a change of scenery.  The workout will always consist of an easy warm-up jog, a thorough dynamic stretching routine pre-workout, the actual workout, an easy cool-down jog, and finally some light static stretching.  Any ability level is welcome, but it is strongly encouraged that you have a solid endurance base in order to avoid potential injuries and to maximize your ability to appropriately train for speed and strength.  If you need some motivation as well as that extra push, this is the right place for you!  Faster performance times guaranteed!

Meeting Time: 6:00 pm

LocationWyomissing HS Track